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A Real Estate transaction can be a complex, filled with legal terms and conditions. Having a trusted attorney who can explain everything to you and ensure that YOUR interest is being looked after is so very important. The buyer or seller opposite you will almost certainly have an attorney looking out for their interests, shouldn’t you? A Home can be the biggest investment you’ll have, so make sure you understand every number and ever form you sign by retaining the knowledgeable attorneys at Bernicky Law Firm.

In addition, we work with a network of trusted and exceptional Realtors, Loan Officers, Contractors and repair companies (Handyman, Radon, Inspectors, etc). If you need a referral or would like a second opinion, please let us help you find the right team to make your Real Estate experience as enjoyable as possible.

Residential Real Estate Closings

Illinois is considered an “attorney state,” which means that only an attorney is needed to legally produce certain documents, including some that necessary for a closing. While it may be tempting to save a little bit of money and go without an attorney, we highly recommend having experienced legal counsel looking out for your best interests.

Short Sales/Deed in Lieu/Foreclosure Defense

Whether you are looking to move due to affordability, work, or family- if you owe more on your mortgage(s) than your home is worth- you have options. Most lenders will accept an offer for market value of your home, regardless of what your remaining balance is. Occasionally, we can even contact them prior to listing the home and get an approved list price!

Real Estate Tax Appeals

Do you feel as though your taxes are too high when compared to other homes in your neighborhood? There are options with the county that can lower your taxes. Once a year, during certain periods, you can appeal the amount of property taxes you pay on your home. However, it is a complicated process which requires gathering the right information and presenting it to the county. Having an experienced attorney can be the difference between being denied and having your taxes lowered significantly.

For Sale By Owner

There are some situations in which a real estate transaction doesn’t have realtors (sale to friend or family member, etc). However, it is still recommended to have an attorney- as they are essential in preparing and explaining documents, and can also coordinate ordering title insurance, which is something the seller must provide to the buyer.

Rent to Own

Renting to own is a great option that can work for many tenant/buyers and landlord/sellers, but it’s important to have a clear and concise agreement for the safety of both sides. How much of the rental payments go towards principal? What is the purchase price (and what if home values go up or down dramatically)? What if the buyers can’t obtain financing? Can the agreement be extended? These are the types of questions that should be answered in a written agreement to avoid any disputes down the road.


Both landlords and tenants often need the protection of a valid lease in order to properly convey the intentions of both sides. It is always preferable to put an agreement to paper rather than hash out a dispute in court after the fact due to a miscommunication that could have been resolved prior to the lease being signed. And remember, an oral or handshake agreement is EXTREMELY difficult (and can be quite costly) to prove in court.

Commercial Real Estate

When closing on a commercial property, whether it’s a storefront, a single unit, or a multi-unit apartment, it’s extremely important to ensure everything is in order prior to closing so that everything moves smoothly and post-closing issues can be avoided.